For teachers whose students are participating in an HFI program – or for those schools or organizations who have purchased group tickets – it can be helpful to review Broadway show guides before your visit to the Hippodrome.

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FREE virtual program for Maryland Educators!!


AT THIS STAGE“Lessons that Perform” is a series of digital theater workshops for K- 12 students, presented in partnership with Camp Broadway. HFI is sponsoring the program so there is no fee for schools, teachers, or students.

AT THIS STAGE is an educational tool that leverages the availability, efficiency, and distribution capabilities of readily available educational technologies. HFI’s partner, Streamable Learning, is a leading education-technology company that provides LIVE digital workshops to schools, home school networks, colleges, senior-living, and community centers across the country. All of the digital workshops are grade-banded and adhere with ed-tech specifications, they are easy for a teacher to assimilate into a 40-minute class. HFI became involved because the content of this program is designed around educational themes related to theater and many HFI partner schools are asking for materials that will help teachers during this period when many students are learning from home. (It is HFI’s mission to share performing arts with people across Maryland, and these workshops help us reach teachers in nearby counties as well as far away!)

Each workshop session is recorded so a teacher who has a time conflict can share the recorded session with their students at another time. But teachers can also participate in live sessions – with Broadway experts! All you need to do is sign up.

There are four benefits that can be enjoyed by teachers who sign up: (must have internet to participate in classes)

  1. Teachers can sign up to participate in a 35-minute live virtual workshop (first-come-first-served),
  2. Teachers can have access to a library of workshops available at any time to share with students,
  3. Teachers can have access to the workshop overview that outlines background on the speaker, provides a lesson plan tied into a specific production, and offers ideas for activities that tie back to the production or featured guest,
  4. Teachers can receive a certificate of completion for the class (that ties back to the featured production)

All of us here at HFI appreciate how difficult the past nine months have been and we hope that teachers across Maryland will take advantage of this free program! You can register right below:

Click Link To Enroll

Once enrolled, you will have access to a private online portal, where you will be able to choose the sessions in which you’d like to participate and access support materials for each session.  A link for each session you register for will then be sent via email or sign into your portal once the event has passed to view the recording.

Some upcoming sessions include:

February 4, 2021

Title: Capturing Creativity

Grades: 6 – 12 (ELA, Character Studies, The Arts)

Moderator: Anna Raful, Teaching Artist

Expert: Jeff Whiting, Director Choreographer

Description:  Collaboration and relationship building are cornerstones of working in the theatre and are practiced by Directors and Choreographers when staging a show. Interactions between characters as well as objects onstage communicate information about plot and characters in addition to the script and score. Capturing this creative process is critical to a theatrical production. Broadway Director/Choreographer Jeff Whiting demonstrates StageWrite software which ensures the creative interactions of each scene are captured and accessible for every member of the production.

February 25, 2021

Title: What Makes a Harmony?

Grades: 7 – 12 (Music and The Arts)

Moderator: Andrew Goren, Founder, Harmony Helper

Expert: Andrea Grody, Composer and Music Director

Description:  It happens all the time: you and some friends are singing along to a song, and someone jumps up to another note and creates a beautiful harmony. Other times, someone tries to sing harmony, and it doesn’t work. What’s the secret to making a great harmony? Join Broadway music director Andrea Grody (The Band’s Visit, Tootsie) and the team of Harmony Helper as they take you through the music theory behind the most iconic harmonies in musical theatre and how you can use that knowledge to be a more confident harmonizer and to make up harmony parts of your own!

March 25, 2021

Title: Using Light to Communicate Mood and Emotion

Grades: 7 – 12 (Theatre, Visual Arts, English)

Moderator: Michael Griffo, Agent and Educator

Expert: Stacey Derosier, Lighting Designer

Description: When we read a play or a story, we generate mental pictures of what we are reading about. Without even thinking about it, our mind’s eye uses light to affect the mood of our visualization. Learn how a professional lighting designer interprets the script and uses light to lead the audience through the moods and emotions of a play.

By exposing young people to new possibilities, HFI is raising the curtain on opportunity.

Questions, please email Education Director, Barb Wirsing (barbw@hippodromefoundation.org).