Before You Visit

Will Call

Will Call tickets should be picked up at the Box Office at the corner of Baltimore and Eutaw Streets at least ten minutes before your show.


Please see for updated information. The Grand Garage is located adjacent to the building so patrons do not have to go outside but there are other convenient options like the Atrium and others. Occasionally patrons may find parking spots on the street, please review signage to be sure that your spot is legal during the hours you will be in the theater.


We like the Hipp Café which is located right at the theater by the way – and you can make a reservation at 410-625-7850.

Looking for Tickets

Please see the theater web site to purchase tickets on line at or to avoid additional fees, come to the box office in person between 11AM and 3PM on weekdays. On days when a show is in the Hippodrome, Box Office hours are extended through intermission. (Please be careful purchasing tickets on line – if you are not buying from, you may be purchasing tickets from a non-authorized provider which may cause problems for you upon your arrival at the Hippodrome.)

Ticket Liability Policy

The following are valid tickets agents for the Hippodrome Theatre:


The Hippodrome Theatre Holds No Responsibility For Any Ticket Bought From An Unauthorized Agent.

Renting the Theatre

Please call 410-837-7400 for more information.

Dress Code/Theater Etiquette

There is no official dress code to come to the Hippodrome but most of the patrons do look nice. A jacket and tie is not necessary.