HFI has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of schools and organizations since the Hippodrome Theatre re-opened in 2004. The foundation’s primary target is students and we have served 40,000+ Maryland students with a variety of free programs over the past ten years. HFI’s programs increase awareness and appreciation of live theater as well as introduce people to the beautiful Hippodrome Theatre. The foundation serves people of all ages, and while the foundation’s primary target is students, frequent programs are also offered to senior citizens, children with disabilities and more. HFI served more than 5,500 people last year and here is a sampling of some of the partners we served during the 2011/2012 Season.

Baltimore County is one of HFI’s most important partners and staff work closely with the Board of Education as well as the County’s Department on Aging. This year, HFI nominated one of our Board of Education partners for a “Broadway League Apple Award” and we were so pleased when Katrina Stevens won! (Pictured: Rachel Reiner of the Broadway League, Katrina Stevens from the Baltimore county Board of Education and Barb Wirsing, HFI Director of Education)

HFI works closely with Baltimore County educators to maximize educational opportunities for students and the partnership we enjoy makes all the difference in making sure these opportunities are successful. To that end, HFI also provides professional development for County educators, to be sure they have developmental opportunities that enhance teaching.

During the 2011/2012 Season, HFI also provided services for Baltimore County seniors by providing buses to the theater from a number of county senior citizen communities and providing historic tours of the Hippodrome upon their arrival. HFI provided a one day camp for senior citizens during Camp Hippodrome. The HFI Board of trustees is committed to opening the Hippodrome for all people, and because of the great partnership the foundation enjoys with Baltimore County – their residents are well served by HFI programs.

This past season, HFI provided an artist in residence program at Lansdowne High School in Baltimore County, and we worked with Maryland School for the Blind and Kennedy Krieger. HFI has a small staff so reliable partners are critical! Our partnerships with Baltimore County organizations are appreciated!

HFI also works with Baltimore City students and other students and seniors around the state.

Hippodrome Foundation, Inc. serves a gamut of people and organizations. If you are interested in finding out more about how to participate in foundation programs, please call Barb Wirsing at 410-727-7787 ext 118.